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Milan Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Regardless of the age, it is crucial for everyone to take a good night sleep. However, kids and teenagers need more hours of sleep as they spend a lot of their energy during the day time. If kids will not get enough sleep, this deprivation will affect their physical as well as mental development and health. That is why it is important for parents to create not only a functional bedroom environment but also the one that encourages kids to relax and this starts with a high quality and comfortable bed that your children can grow into. If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish as well as a spacing saving solution for your kids’ bedroom, then a triple sleeper bunk bed is an ideal option for you.

What Are Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds
When bedroom space is limited at home, triple sleeper bunk bed is your perfect choice as it provides two beds on the bottom bunk and one bed at the top whilst only taking up the space of one. Offering three beds at a time, a triple bunk bed is the best option for two children sharing a bedroom or when three people need to sleep in one bedroom. Triple sleeper bunks are very similar to regular bunk beds but have the advantage of a double-sized sleeping area on the bottom bunk. Triple bunk beds are an ideal setup for big families as they offer an excellent space-saving solution for rooms that may not have the floor space to manage this amount of sleeping area. The fun space saving designs of triple sleeper bunk beds will not only give your kids’ room a grand and comfortable feel but also make bedtime experience easier and relaxing for them.

Why Choose a Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed?
Triple sleeper bunk beds are perfect for big families with small rooms or houses. Often when your kids grow up they want their own bedrooms as they desire to move from a single to a double one, but unfortunately, this is not possible if you don’t have enough rooms or space in your home. The combination of one single bed and one double bed in triple bunkers can offer a great sleeping area for sleepovers, adult guests, or for kids who want an extra room. In triple bunker, each single bed has the luxury of their own space and privacy, ensuring the best night’s sleep for everyone. For limited bedroom spaces, buying triple sleeper bunk beds are your best option as they offer you three beds at once, without breaking your bank. Triple sleeper bunk beds provide perfect sleeping area for three or more people at a time as they feature three bunk beds in either twin, full, or queen sizes.

Comparison Of Triple Bunk Beds With Regular Bunk Beds
In comparison to triple bunk beds, most of the people usually search online for regular two-bed bunk. Though, the advantages of triple bunk beds are more as compared to regular ones, still most of the people get confused about what they should buy. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of triple bunk beds.

Advantages Of Triple Bunk Beds:
– In comparison to regular bunk beds, triple bunk beds offer extra beds or more sleeping area for your kids. It is perfect option for two kids sharing a room. Moreover, getting a one-shaped triple bunk bed with two bunk beds at the top will help you solve the issue of your kids who fight for the upper bunk.
– Triple bunk beds are ideal for vacation homes where multiple families stay at the same time with a house full of kids. Two triple twins can easily fit in one bedroom which means that six kids can adjust comfortably. In contrary, regular bunk beds can accommodate only four kids.
– If you have three kids and you are living in an apartment or in a small house that has only one bedroom, it would be a great challenge for you to accommodate them in separate rooms. You can’t fit three separate beds into one room, no matter how spacious it is. In comparison to a regular bunk bed, a triple bunk bed will help you adjust more kids in one room.

Disadvantages Of Triple Bunk Beds:
– One of the notable disadvantages of triple bunk beds is that there will be less clearance between the upper bunk and the ceiling.
– In regular bunk beds, you can find a variety of choices in designs, models, finishes, shapes and other fun features. No such choices are available for most of the triple bunks unless you will customize your desired bunk according to your taste and preference.

A Great Apace-Saving Solution For Your Kids’ Bedrooms
There are many furniture designing and manufacturing companies in UK that create and manufacture inimitable children’s furniture and custom rooms. Their stylish and sturdy bunk beds are built to the highest standards by qualified and experienced tradesmen. They offer you their massive collections of triple bunk beds for your kids’ bedroom, ideal for fun sleepovers or for your kids’ shared room. If you want to improve the comfort level in your kids’ room, choose the perfect triple bunk bed from their endless choices. Their triple sleeper bunk beds are super safe with extra strong designs that your kids would be happy to sleep in. Their bunk beds not only feature space-saving 3-sleeper design but also come with lots of buildup options like with slanted ladders for safe easy access to top bunk, with metal tube slats that has centre spacers for a sturdy secure base for your mattress or with solid wood designs. Most triple beds have a double at the bottom, but there are some exceptions, like some triple bunk beds contain a hidden bed placed underneath the bottom bunk which can be pulled out for sleepovers. To work with various room designs, triple bunk bed can be done as a 3 tier bunk beds or also as a one shaped triple bunk bed. In many triple bunk beds, you can separate the top single bed so it can be used independently or in separate room when needed. Many also come with trundle and storage in the form of drawers underneath while many other come with staircases that have drawers or cupboards built within the stairs for storage. Many triple bunk beds have reversible ladders, so you can fit to the left or right side depending upon your choice.

Materials Used To Construct Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds

The materials used in the manufacturing of triple sleeper bunk beds are mostly wood and metal. Triple bunks are constructed of metal or wood with strict safety regulations. You can choose from robust metal or solid wood finishes if you are looking to style a traditional or a contemporary bedroom for your kids. The wooden or metal bunk beds will coordinate with any room décor. Generally, metal bunk beds are stronger and sturdy and usually come with a fixed ladder at a tilt, making the climb up to the top bed easier. Wooden triple bunk beds are made using the most eco-friendly and water resistant hardwood, oak, maple, pine, etc. The tight dense grains and heavy stability of wood allow for a perfect lacquered or fully painted finish. The triple bunk beds are durable and heavy because they are made with only the best quality woods that have no weak spots and are also more resistant to knocks and bumps. Available in beautiful designs, most wooden triple bunk beds come with storage configurations and reversible ladders. You can find triple bunk beds in different finishes like oak, pine, maple, etc. Many wooden bunk beds are carved beautifully that can add a different look to any bedroom space. Many metal or wooden bunk beds have an extra safety rail running around the perimeter of the beds due to their height off the ground and the ladder steps will incorporate anti slip pads to avoid accidents. Triple bunk beds are available in endless options, so you can easily pick your desired triple sleeper bunk bed in wooden and metal design that easily fit into your kids’ bedroom decor.

Types Of Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds
There is no doubt that the triple sleeper bunk beds provide ample sleeping space to adjust three kids. However, the interesting thing is that you will find several different types of triple bunk beds in different types of configuration in the market easily. So, you can choose the one that best suits your space, style and needs. Usually, when we talk about triple bunk beds, the first type that comes to mind is a triple-decker bed in which three beds seamlessly stacked on top of one another. Though, it is one of the most commonly used types of triple bunk bed configuration, still you can find different types of triple bunk configuration in the market. Some of the well-known types are as follow:

– The Triple Decker: The triple decker is the most common and preferred type that comes with three beds stacked on top of one another. Though, it is the best space-saver, but due to its height, it is considered as a risky option for small kids. It is a good option for a guest room that has a high ceiling.
– Bunk Bed with Trundle: Triple bunk bed with trundle is the most popular configuration, an ideal option for the adults or for guest rooms. It has a single bunk bed at the top with a bottom bunk that comes with a trundle-style bed which can be rolled out easily when it’s needed.
– L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed: The L-shaped triple bunk bed configuration comes with two options:
1- L-Shaped Bunk Beds With Two Beds Up & One Bed Down: This type of triple bunk beds has two beds on the top and one bunk bed at the bottom. Two adult kids can easily sleep up on the top bed but this type of bed is not perfect for kids under the age of 6.
2- L-Shape Bunk Beds With One Bed Up & Two Beds Down: This L-shaped configuration comes with two beds down and one bed at the top. It is the best option for vacation homes where big families stay at a time.
– Triple Bunk Beds With The Partial Ladder: The triple bunk beds have different climbing options. Some bunk beds come with partial while others come with full ladders. In bunkers with partial ladders, the ladders extend up to the second level and you require a little climbing for going to the third level.
– Triple Bunk Beds With The Extended Ladder: Triple bunk beds with extended ladders offer a full ladder that goes all the way to the top. This type of ladder is safe for small kids.
– Triple Bunk Beds With Storage: There are some bunkers that come with different storage options, usually in the bottom bunk.
– Customize Triple Bunk Beds: Many manufacturers offer you customized options in triple bunk beds to fit your specific needs. You can customize your bed in different colours, designs or features to suit your unique style and other personal preferences.

How To Choose A Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed
Now-a-days, marketplace has been loaded by vast selections of triple sleeper bunk beds of different manufacturers that can also please those who have the coldest hearts. Designers have worked tirelessly to create unique furniture pieces that comply with every customer’s security requirements. Finding the best triple bunk bed that meets your needs and expectations according to your desire is not an easy task, you have to do a lot of research. If you are not sure how to choose or buy the finest triple bunk bed to ensure the proper development of your kids, don’t fret. When it comes to equipping your kids’ room, keep in mind that there can be no place for compromises and you have to choose only the best. To help you start your research efforts, below is the complete information about the important factors that you should consider when choosing the high-quality triple bunk bed for your kids’ room.

– Safety:
Safety is a great matter of concern, when choosing triple bunk beds for your kids’ room. No matter the colour, size or appearance, you would like to choose the triple bunk beds that guarantee maximum safety of kids. Select the bunk beds that have strong guyed rails as this can protect your kids from falling to the ground. Though, triple bunk beds already have rails but to make them more secure for kids, you can set up more rails on your own. Also choose the triple bunk beds that come with full or partial ladders depending on the age of your kids and the height of their rooms.

– Solidity & Durability:
Triple bunk beds are sturdy and durable as they are constructed from the best wooden or metal materials. Wooden bunk beds are heavier before construction and after assembly. If you want the most durable type, you can choose wooden triple bunkers as they are heavy and stronger as compared to metal. Metal triple bunk beds are contemporary and stylish, but they pose risks, especially to small kids. Wooden triple bunk beds are solid and heavy, so they are extra safe for kids.

– Good Value Of Money:
It is important to consider that is a high quality triple bunk bed will offer you a good value of money or not. The prices of bunk beds will vary from one store and one manufacturer to another. By keeping this in mind, browse some of the leading furniture manufacturers and stores and view their offerings. Compare their prices, features and specifications before you settle on any one. Make sure that you pick the bunk bed that’s affordable but not short in other latest features.

– High Quality:
Getting cheap quality bunk bed at affordable prices is not a wise decision. You have to search only the high quality triple bunk beds at affordable prices that are made with top quality materials. When it comes to quality, don’t compromise on anything.

– Measurements:
Before buying a triple sleeper bunk bed, it is important to measure the available space area or your kids’ room where you intend to set your beds up. There is no use if you find the best option but the available area in the room is not enough to fit it. Don’t go for the triple bunk beds that can take up so much space because of their design. Also consider the height of your triple bunk bed because if there is not an extra area of two feet in between each bed mattress as well as the ceiling, your kids will get harmed when they try to sit up in their beds. To avoid this, you need to get the right dimensions.

– Storage Option:
Choosing the triple bunk bed that is equipped with storage options is important as triple bunk beds usually demand storage space for kids sleeping on it. Most of the triple sleeper bunk beds come with a number of storage options such as shelves, drawers, built-in cupboards, etc. Select the bunk bed that not only looks great but also fits your kids’ storage needs.

– Nice-Looking & Stylish:
Pick a triple bunk bed for your kids’ room that is not only nice-looking and stylish but also interesting. Kids don’t like dull colours, boring designs and outdated styles. So don’t forget to choose a unique piece from a variety of styles, colours and designs to create the best kids’ room possible. Browse online furniture brands and stores to find a nice-looking and stylish piece for your kids’ room.

– Assemble:
Some manufacturers offer you easy to assemble guides to help you easy to install and assemble your bed in the room where it should be placed while some others provide you professional installer that will take care of your assembly task. If your design in simple, you can assemble it by yourself but for intricate design you need the professional help.

– Match To Existing Deco
Whether you want to choose a regular or customized triple bunk bed for your kids’ room, make sure it matches with the existing décor of their room.

– Get Your Kids’ Opinion
When buying triple bunk beds, in is also important to take the opinion of your kids. Try to pick the one that is loved by your kids as after all, they will be the ones who will be sleeping on these beds.